Reclaimed Wood Trees at the Bigham Tavern on November 27


Create a festive holiday tree

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Create a festive holiday tree

Monday, November 27, 2017
7:00 – 9:00PM

Use 100-year-old reclaimed wood to create a festive tree to decorate for the holidays.

How it works:

In this workshop you will select your reclaimed wood and prepare the layout for your tree. You’ll use festive colored and metallic paints to add washes of color or stencil words or designs onto the wood. Then add all the trimmings, like yarn, jute twine, bells and other decorations.

What’s included:

We provide all materials including the reclaimed wood, paint, tree decorations, and easy to follow instructions.


Acrylic paints may stain clothing, dress in something appropriate for crafting.


This event takes place at Bigham Tavern in Mount Washington. The Bigham Tavern offers food and drink specials on the night of this event including $3 Tacos and $5 Margaritas. Pop Craft is at the Bigham Tavern on the last Monday of the month.

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