Securing a venue for free

When teaching a workshop there are a lot of costs to consider, but the venue you teach from doesn’t need to be one of them.  I have taught hundreds of workshops at local bars and restaurants, and other interesting venues without paying them a cent.  Here’s how you can do the same. MAKE SURE IT’SContinue reading “Securing a venue for free”

Finding your perfect workshop venue

I started Pop Craft without having the overhead of a studio that I owned which was a wonderful way for me to test out the concept without a ton of investment.  Since that’s how I started my model, I found that many people who came to my workshops preferred the local bars I worked outContinue reading “Finding your perfect workshop venue”

Teach, share and inspire others with your talents

The Instructor’s Why I started Pop Craft with the desire to help people express their creativity, to experience that “ah-ha” moment when they realized that they’re capabilities just grew, and the feeling of pride when they gaze upon their handiwork. The cool thing is, I’ve had Pop Crafters go on to help me as instructors,Continue reading “Teach, share and inspire others with your talents”