Personalization Gone Weird

I am huge fan of personalization.  It makes ordinary items special and giftable.  The personalization trend is going strong.  Perhaps too strong.  Here are some examples of when personalization went awry. Face Pillows Kinda scary, definitely weird.   Ammo box Ammunition not included.   Plunger “I want a plunger,” said no one ever.   Face PaddleContinue reading “Personalization Gone Weird”

Luxe Hair Ties for Less

If you have long hair, by now you have probably discovered the Rolls Royce of hair ties – the no-kink hair tie.  Yep, the one that is made of wide elastic. The one that is kind to your locks, looks cool on your wrist, and is unreasonably expensive. But, it is super easy (and inexpensive) to makeContinue reading “Luxe Hair Ties for Less”