Where will my private party or team building event be held?

We are a pop up business which means we come to you or go to the bar for your party. We have relationships with Pittsburgh bars and maker spaces and we recommend these locations for their suitability for crafting.

However, if you have a location you would prefer to host your party at we can travel to you (office, home, etc), as long as it is suitable for crafting. We’re always open to going to new places, and are happy to help arrange a location that will be perfect for your event.

How far in advance should I book my party or event?

While there is no cut-off for booking a private party, it is recommended that you book private parties 14 days in advance of your event. For events that require customization of a project, booking 30 days in advance is recommended.

How early should I arrive?

You should arrive to class at least 15 minutes early to get checked in, get your seat and order a drink if you’d like. Our venues serve food and beverages, and we recommend you arrive early or stay late to have a delicious meal. Drinking during a workshop is welcomed.

What should I wear?

Some of our crafts can get messy or stain clothing. It is a good idea to always wear something you can live with getting stained.

What is included in a workshop?

All of the materials, equipment and instructions you will need to complete your craft are provided.

Can I eat or drink during a workshop?

You are welcome to have snacks and drink responsibly during a workshop. You can purchase food and beverages from the bars and restaurant venues where we hold workshops, or bring your own wine, beer and snacks for BYOB locations only. No food or drinks are included within the ticket price.

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