6 Crafts for Mindfulness

You know that exercising your creativity has some superb benefits. I find when I get into my creative flow I am really aware of what I’m working on, less aware of my to-do list, and more susceptible to having other creative thoughts and ideas spring up. It’s like an escape hatch for my brain. First,Continue reading “6 Crafts for Mindfulness”

Five Benefits of Crafting

If you’re like many people, creating is an enjoyable experience for you.  Maybe it’s relaxing, satisfying to make something with your hands, fun to experiment, or all of the above. So while it may not be a surprise that crafting is a good thing, studies have shown that making it a regular habit can haveContinue reading “Five Benefits of Crafting”

Kick-start Your Creativity

Your creativity is like a muscle, you must exercise it to keep it strong and able. Maybe it’s been a while since you let your self doodle, or maybe you painted a mural last weekend. Whatever the case, the more you create, the stronger your creativity will grow. Methods Illustration Friday There are different resourcesContinue reading “Kick-start Your Creativity”

The Pop Craft Story

Hi! I’m Monica and I’m the lady who dreamed up Pop Craft. I get questions all the time like, “What made you want to start Pop Craft?” or, “Where did you get the idea?” So, I thought I’d dig in a little deeper than what you might read on my about page or in sporadic social media posts. ThereContinue reading “The Pop Craft Story”

7 Places to get Inspired in Pittsburgh

Yes, inspiration is technically everywhere. But, I find some places get the creative juices flowing a bit more than others. These are some of my personal picks that I have found inspiration from in the past, maybe they are worth exploring the next time you’re in search of new ideas, without drowning in the seaContinue reading “7 Places to get Inspired in Pittsburgh”