9 Useful Crafting Cheat Sheets

Craft with confidence with these handy cheat sheets!  See these nine tips and many more on our Crafting Cheat Sheets board on Pinterest. 1. Watercolor Resist Techniques Watercolor is on-trend and this chart shows you many different options to get the effect of white space with a wash of watercolor dreaminess all around.  Read more here.  Continue reading “9 Useful Crafting Cheat Sheets”

Best Drink Pairings for Making Art

Whether you’ve taken a Pop Craft workshop with us at a bar, or are just enhancing your at home crafting experience, the right beverage can be key to getting you through a project. After painstaking experimentation, I am proud to share my thorough research with you. Here are some of the best drink pairings forContinue reading “Best Drink Pairings for Making Art”

11 Tips for Crafting with Cats

Cats are loveable furry companions, with a penchant for wanting your attention at the most inopportune moment.  Getting crafty with feline friends in your abode can be challenging.  I should know, I’m living with three professional craft interrupters, Toby, Tyler and Lola.  Here are some tips for working on crafts with cats around. 1. Set LimitsContinue reading “11 Tips for Crafting with Cats”

8 Reasons why Summer is the Best Time for Crafting

Summer time, and the livin is easy.  What better time than now to get creative?  Here are eight reasons why you need to make the most of your summer crafting time. 1. Foraging Summer time weather is perfect for taking a stroll through the woods or garden, where you will come across materials that you can utilizeContinue reading “8 Reasons why Summer is the Best Time for Crafting”

10 DIY Bunting Tips

Bunting. In two months I’ve made more bunting than I have in my entire existence. Bunting is the super popular, so classic it’s trendy, go to party decoration. When you see these tiny flags strung in a row, you know you’re at a great party. I’ve made bunting for my husband Chris’s pirate themed birthdayContinue reading “10 DIY Bunting Tips”

Cute Coin Envelopes

Normal envelopes, meh.  Shrink them to a fraction of their size, hello tiny baby envelope! These little coin envelopes are made with simple stuff, and you can get the same result with just paper, scissors and a glue stick. I’ve had DIY kits on my list of “things to make” for quite awhile, specifically DIYContinue reading “Cute Coin Envelopes”

Is this everyone’s favorite craft store?

Pat Catan’s does it right.  If I talk to people about Pat Catan’s, usually the words “I love” precede its name.  Pat Catan’s was the local craft store where I grew up until it was taken over by Michaels.  It was hard to put my finger on it (cough cough higher prices, cough) but itContinue reading “Is this everyone’s favorite craft store?”

Earth friendly and Free – Recycled Bike Parts

Bikes are a green way to travel, so what better way to make bike inspired art than by using recycled bike parts?  I stopped by Thick Bikes and they were welcoming and willing to send me home with a greasy bag full of used cassettes and fly wheels.  If you’re in Pittsburgh and in needContinue reading “Earth friendly and Free – Recycled Bike Parts”

Meet my best friend, Bone Folder

When it comes to crafting, everyone knows the go-to standards – scissors, ruler, compass if you want to get fancy.  But let me introduce you to my favorite tool of all, the bone folder.  The first time I made a crease with one I felt like it was filling a hole that had been emptyContinue reading “Meet my best friend, Bone Folder”