Securing a venue for free

When teaching a workshop there are a lot of costs to consider, but the venue you teach from doesn’t need to be one of them.  I have taught hundreds of workshops at local bars and restaurants, and other interesting venues without paying them a cent.  Here’s how you can do the same. MAKE SURE IT’SContinue reading “Securing a venue for free”

Finding your perfect workshop venue

I started Pop Craft without having the overhead of a studio that I owned which was a wonderful way for me to test out the concept without a ton of investment.  Since that’s how I started my model, I found that many people who came to my workshops preferred the local bars I worked outContinue reading “Finding your perfect workshop venue”

Teach, share and inspire others with your talents

The Instructor’s Why I started Pop Craft with the desire to help people express their creativity, to experience that “ah-ha” moment when they realized that they’re capabilities just grew, and the feeling of pride when they gaze upon their handiwork. The cool thing is, I’ve had Pop Crafters go on to help me as instructors,Continue reading “Teach, share and inspire others with your talents”

Planetary Bunting DIY for an Outer Space Party

Last weekend we celebrated Chris’s birthday with a Cats In Space themed party. We both love cats (we have three), and I have alway giggled whenever I see the images of cats floating around in space eating pizza. So, it was an easy choice for a party theme. While you can find a bunch ofContinue reading “Planetary Bunting DIY for an Outer Space Party”

6 Crafts for Mindfulness

You know that exercising your creativity has some superb benefits. I find when I get into my creative flow I am really aware of what I’m working on, less aware of my to-do list, and more susceptible to having other creative thoughts and ideas spring up. It’s like an escape hatch for my brain. First,Continue reading “6 Crafts for Mindfulness”

Easy DIY Concrete Bowl

Concrete is one of my favorite materials to get creative with. In this post, I’m giving you in-depth instructions on how to make a simple bowl. This is an easy starter project, and the process is transferable to other concrete projects you dream up. What you’ll need: Quickset concrete mix Two matching plastic bowls MixingContinue reading “Easy DIY Concrete Bowl”

Bullet Journal Check In – 3 months and counting

This year I started using a Bullet Journal for the first time.  I’ve been at it for three months and counting, so I thought this would be a great time to do a review of what I’m finding is working well, and some of the changes I’ve made along the way. If you’re interested inContinue reading “Bullet Journal Check In – 3 months and counting”

Five Benefits of Crafting

If you’re like many people, creating is an enjoyable experience for you.  Maybe it’s relaxing, satisfying to make something with your hands, fun to experiment, or all of the above. So while it may not be a surprise that crafting is a good thing, studies have shown that making it a regular habit can haveContinue reading “Five Benefits of Crafting”

Mosaic Portrait using Reclaimed Slate

I love seeing the works that Pop Crafters make in my workshops.  I also have an Etsy shop where I sell some reclaimed slate pieces as crafting supplies.  On occasion, my customers will let me in on what they’re using the slates for.  I was completely blown away when I saw how this artist used theirContinue reading “Mosaic Portrait using Reclaimed Slate”