Hi, I’m Monica!

Pop Craft founder, Mount Washington resident, maker, cat lady, balloon drop enthusiast, rec volleyball team captain, bird lover

About Pop Craft

Growing up I was constantly creating, from crafting with my mom to drawing on the walls of my bedroom (yes my parents let me do this!).  As an adult, it became more difficult to find the time to be creative.

I figured I was not alone, and that many people want to create but don’t have the time, energy or confidence to make on their own.  Thus, Pop Craft was born, a crafting workshop at your local bar where you show up, get crafty, and take home a really great project.

For your project, we bring quality materials and give you easy to follow instructions, resulting in really great crafts that they are unique and personalized to your tastes.

Thank you if you’ve attended one or several of my workshops already.  Your creativity is inspiring to me, and helps me bring new workshops to you.  I encourage you to be creative, whether it’s with me or on your own.

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