Teach, share and inspire others with your talents

The Instructor’s Why

I started Pop Craft with the desire to help people express their creativity, to experience that “ah-ha” moment when they realized that they’re capabilities just grew, and the feeling of pride when they gaze upon their handiwork.

The cool thing is, I’ve had Pop Crafters go on to help me as instructors, and many people share with me their desires to teach.  I’ve been at this instructor game for over three years now, and it still lights me up when I see the smiles on my student’s faces at the end of class.

The Journey

I started everything from scratch, without having a person I could turn to with questions like, am I totally screwing this up?  I’m starting this series on my blog that is all about sharing my wisdom of what I’ve learned over the years of running my own workshops.

I hope that others who are interested in teaching can use this as a resource to start their own craft instruction business.  And for those who have started sharing their craft, I hope that this helps you jump farther ahead faster by learning from my experiences.

Instructor Series

This series explores the tips, considerations, and foundations of knowledge you will need to build into your workshops as you grow your audience and expand your offerings.  I’m calling it the “Instructor Series,” and I hope it helps you and a bunch of crafty folks out there to spread creativity.

I’ve been doing this for a while but I’m still always learning and I will be sharing new experiences and tips with you along the way.  If you have a question or topic you’d like me to explore, I’d love to hear about it, and other folks probably would too.

I hope you create wonderful things and help others to do so too.  Share with me how it goes, I’d love to see your journey and your creations.

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Artist, Crafter, Entrepreneur

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