This is Pop Craft

Hi, it’s Monica here.  I need to talk about Pop Craft.

I’ve been doing Pop Craft for just under three years (one month from today will be numero tres).  Through that time, I’ve told people about Pop Craft when I meet them at an event, or through my website, or on social media.  I’ve printed flyers, brochures, postcards.  I’ve communicated a lot, but I feel like that’s not enough for me.  I want to go deeper than marketing.  I want you to know what Pop Craft is really about.

Why has it taken me this long?  I guess I’m finally ready.  I want to share my heart with you about what I want Pop Craft to be, and what I want my customers to become.

Mind you, I’ve pitched my business, held tons of workshops, done so many things that I truly love, and I believe what I communicated was accurate, I never misrepresented it, or what it’s about.  But what I have to say now is deeper, it’s a feeling beyond words, this is the truth of Pop Craft.




I want you to be creative.


I believe in creativity.  I believe it makes us better people.  I believe it teaches us.  I believe it improves our self-esteem, it shows us that we can solve problems and that we can create value in the world.

Sometimes creativity is hard.  It can be uncomfortable.  It can feel scary, uncertain, like you could fail.

But once you cross the bridge over all of the chomping crocodiles, you get the reward.  You did it.  You created.

Why am I telling you this?  I want you to come on the journey.  I want you to get your hands dirty.  I want you to work through the tension and get to the good stuff.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Ok, but you just teach crafting workshops.”  Yep.  That’s true.  They can be fun, and relaxing, social, and a good time with friends.  And I want them to be all of those things.  But I also want you to embrace the uncertainty, take on the challenge, participate in the work, bring yourself into the art.

Have fun.  Grow.  Create.  Share.


It’s time for you to create.

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Artist, Crafter, Entrepreneur

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