Planetary Bunting DIY for an Outer Space Party

Last weekend we celebrated Chris’s birthday with a Cats In Space themed party. We both love cats (we have three), and I have alway giggled whenever I see the images of cats floating around in space eating pizza. So, it was an easy choice for a party theme.

While you can find a bunch of fun t-shirts, pillow cases, shower curtains with cats in space motif (just check my Amazon order history for evidence), I needed some extra decor. Bunting is always my go-to, and here are instructions on how to make planetary bunting for your next outer space party.

Pop Craft Planetary Bunting DIY


Printing Planet Patterns

The planets on the bunting will be made out of colored cardstock.  I used 8 1/2 x 11 which fit into my printer.  I chose a variety of bright fun colors and a light grey for the moon.

Printed cardstock

Instead of just having plain cardstock, I added some fun patterns to each of the planets by printing onto the card stock using a simple graphic layout I made using different shapes in PowerPoint.  Download the template here to make your own.  I also wanted it to look like each of the planets was half in shadow, so I wanted half of the planet to be printed with one dark half.  The alignment here took me a couple tries, but will work for you since you have the template!

Open the powerpoint file and check out the templates.  You’ll get 2 planets out of each page.  Calculate how many planets you need, insert your cardstock into the printer, and print.  You may want match up certain colors to different designs, the only one that really matters is the moon, which is the speckled pattern.

Cutting the Planets

To cut out my planets I used my Cricut Explore Air machine.  I created a new project in the Cricut design center and added two 5″ circles to the canvas.  Onto my cutting mat, I placed the printed cardstock so the long printed edge of the paper was at the top of the mat.

Cricut canvas set up

Card stock loaded into Cricut

Alternatively, if you don’t have a Cricut, you can trace circles onto the cardstock and cut them out with scissors.

After all of the cutting was done, I punched holes in the right and left most points of each planet.

Pop Craft Planet Bunting DIY

Stringing the Bunting

Cut a length of string a little longer than you want the bunting to be so you have enough length for tails on the end that you can tie to something.  Then feed the string into the hole on the face of the first planet, and then bring it back through the opposite hole so the string travels across the back (plain side) of the planet.  Repeat and leave some space between each planet.  Keep going until you’ve filled up your string.

Pop Craft Planet Bunting DIY

Fun Modifications

You may have noticed there are some cat heads in my bunting.  This was appropriate for our Cats in Space party, but if you’re not doing cats, you could add another shape like a star or space ship.  These extra pieces could be cut from plain colored card stock.

Would you ever throw a cats in space themed party?


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