Five Benefits of Crafting

If you’re like many people, creating is an enjoyable experience for you.  Maybe it’s relaxing, satisfying to make something with your hands, fun to experiment, or all of the above.

So while it may not be a surprise that crafting is a good thing, studies have shown that making it a regular habit can have benefits.

If you needed any convincing, here are five reasons to start crafting.

Benefits of crafting - Increases Happieness

Increases Happiness

The act of crafting is interesting because the end result, the thing you make, may bring you happiness, but the process itself is something that many people enjoy even more-so than the final outcome.

This is because of the phenomenon of flow, as described by Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.  Finding flow is when your mind has become completely engrossed in the thing that you’re doing.  It’s as if time has stopped, and the rest of the world has melted away.  This zen-like state is similar to meditation that brings peace to your being.

Benefits of crafting - Reduces Stress

Reduces Stress

Adult coloring books are a great example of how people are looking to creative activities to reduce stress.  When we force our minds to make decisions, even simple and unimportant decisions like which color pencil to use in your coloring book, our prefrontal cortexes are activated in a positive way.  This leads to feeling more in control and reducing worry and stress.

Benefits of crafting - Protects the brain from aging

Protects the Brain from Aging

Once believed to stop growing at a certain point in our lives, it is now known that our brains can continue to grow and create new neural pathways into adulthood.  The creation of these new pathways is called neuroplasticity and helps make our brains more resilient through the aging process.  One way to improve neuroplasticity is to create artwork.

Benefits of crafting - Promotes Problem Solving

Promotes Problem Solving

Creative thinking and innovation are highly sought after skills that are encouraged in top companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Google. And with that creativity, solutions are developed to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems.  But, the little problems don’t go unaided.  With all of the life hacks out there, the more creativity we can apply to the world around us, the better it can become.

Benefits of crafting - Improves Self-Esteem

Improves Self-Esteem

When we participate in pleasurable activities such as crafting, our brains release dopamine. These good feelings are not only part of the crafting process, but enjoying the fruits of our labor can also have a similar effect.  Having happy associations with things we create carries over to increasing our self-efficacy, our attitude towards how well we can do things.  The more we make, the better we feel, and the more confident we become in making more.  Best chain reaction ever.

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