Mosaic Portrait using Reclaimed Slate

I love seeing the works that Pop Crafters make in my workshops.  I also have an Etsy shop where I sell some reclaimed slate pieces as crafting supplies.  On occasion, my customers will let me in on what they’re using the slates for.  I was completely blown away when I saw how this artist used their slate order.

Mosaic Portrait

My customer was looking for some specific thicknesses of slate and had plans to use the pieces in a mosaic that he was working on.  I was happy to accommodate.  If you ever need a special size, thickness or color of slate, feel free to send me a message through Etsy!

I was intrigued by the idea of incorporating the natural slate with a mosaic, so I asked if he would share a photo.  I was so happy I asked as the mosaic was absolutely gorgeous!

Every year he would make a mosaic for someone in their family which would be sent out as their family Christmas card.  This year the subject was his son kayaking down a river.

Slate Mosaic by a Pop Crafter

The detail of the work is beautiful and captures the movement of the water and texture of the son’s beard.  The slate served as humble boulders lining the shore of the river.  It creates a perfect balance between nature and the bold bright colors of the glass tiles.

As I see amazing works by people who interact with Pop Craft, I hope to continue to share more of those examples and stories here.

If you need a reason to get creative, picture your work on this blog!  And then, read my next post on the benefits of crafting.

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