Friendship Bracelet DIY Kit

This is a super simple tutorial on how to make a friendship bracelet kit. This puts all of the fun of making the bracelet in the hands of your recipient!

I recently made these as favors for the Galentine’s Day Craft Party I threw for Pop Craft. These would make wonderful favors for a Galentine’s party, a girls weekend, and for birthdays for adults or teens.


For my friendship bracelet kits, I used the following materials:

  • Embroidery floss
  • Cardstock (colored on both sides)
  • Printed instruction sheets

And I used these tools:

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Cricut (or you could cut things by hand with scissors or an Exacto knife)
  • Rubber stamp (optional)

Friendship Bracelet string tied together

Cut and Tie Bracelet String

We are using embroidery floss to make our friendship bracelets.  I like buying the big packs of 100 skeins of floss for usually around $10.

The friendship bracelet I decided to provide instructions for is a simple 2 color design that uses the half hitch knotting technique, alternating knots on right to left to create a zipper-like pattern of the two colors interlocked with each other.

To start, pick out a handful of colors that can be matched up in a bunch of different combinations.  Each bracelet requires two 18 inch pieces of floss and two 36 inch pieces of floss.  There will be one short piece and one long piece in each of the two colors.

Now start to cut your floss to length, in the number of bracelets that you need.  I made 35, I was planning on 30 people but it’s always nice to have a few extra.

Once you have your pieces cut, proceed to tie together each set of strings.  An example set of strings would be one short and one long red string, and one short and one long blue string.  I usually knot the strings a few inches down from one end so there’s some extra length to tie onto someone wrist.

Backer cards for bracelet kits

Backer Cards

Since I was making these for was Galentine’s Day, I decided to use a cardstock heart as the backer card that I would wrap the string around.  You could choose any shape that’s appropriate for your needs.

To make the backer cards, I used the Cricut Design Center and created a heart shape on my canvas.  It measured 3.5″ wide by 2.5″  high.

Then, I created a diamond shape (or a square rotated 45 degrees) and overlayed it on the bottom tip of the heart.  Using the Slice tool, I then deleted the diamond and the bottom corner of the heart.  This left me a wide notch in the bottom of the heart where I would wrap the string around.

I really like the 2 sided cardstock that has a different color on each side.  I loaded a piece up on my mat and cut 12 hearts per sheet with the Cricut.

Illustrations for instruction sheet Folding the instructions with Tyler's help


To make this really a kit, it’s important to add instructions for how to make the bracelets.  For this, I illustrated the different steps for making the bracelet.  I added these image to a word doc and typed out the descriptions of each step.

Because the hearts are pretty small, I made the instruction sheet half a page of paper.  I printed out a full page and then cut them in half with a ruler and craft knife to get a nice straight edge.

I folded the instructions in thirds length-wise.  Then folded this in half once, and in half again.  This got to the paper to the perfect size to fit under the string without being too bulky and not sticking out from the back of the heart too much.  If you’re using a different shape, you may need to experiment with your folding.

Instructions added to kits Assembled friendship bracelet DIY kits

Assembling the Kits

Before I started assembling everything, I added a stamp of the Pop Craft logo to the right half of each heart.  If you’re going to add a stamp or design, think about where the string will go, and then offset the design so it will be seen after the string is added

Assembling the kits is the easy part. Take one backer card, and one set of strings and start to wrap the string around the backer card in the top and bottom notches of the heart.  Tuck in the ends underneath the wrap of string to prevent it from unraveling.  Then, take your instructions that have already been folded

Then, take your instructions that have already been folded, and insert them between the wrap of string and the backer card, on the side that hasn’t been stamped or decorated.

That’s it!

Friendship Bracelet DIY Kits by Pop Craft

Spread the creativity

The best thing about these kits is that they are a mini maker experience for whoever receives them.  Who will you give your DIY friendship bracelet kits to?

Next, on the Pop Craft blog, learn how to throw an awesome Galentine’s Day party!

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