Crafting at the Maker Faire Pittsburgh

Pop Craft participated for the second year at the Maker Faire Pittsburgh this past October 15 – 16.  The Maker Faire is “the world’s greatest show and tell,” bringing together makers who tinker in robotics, gaming, crafts, and just about anything in between.

Pop Craft is all about helping people ignite their maker spirit, and we had the pleasure of hosting two different maker workshops, as well as exhibiting at our booth where faire-goers could make and take a personalized block print.

I love taking on new crafts, and the Maker Faire was a perfect setting for me to experiment with some fun, out of the box ideas. In the first workshop we made 8-Track Wallets, by reusing old 8-Track cassettes and turning them into funky wallets.

The second workshop taught how to make Hoop Weavings. Using embroidery hoops and a frame-loom technique we made weavings that were reminiscent of fuzzy dream catchers.

Block printing is one of my favorite walk-up-and-craft projects. It’s a quick way to experience print making. It’s always a hit because people get to pick their own message using different combinations of blocks. Of course I made a few maker-specific blocks just for this occasion.

I love that Pop Craft is able to be a part of an event that does such a great job at representing all of the many and varied forms of making.  We were honored to receive three blue ribbons for getting makers of all ages involved in our crafts. We hope to see you at the Maker Faire next year!

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