Pop Craft Places in Invest in Her

A really exciting thing happened for Pop Craft on October 13. I won third place at the Invest In Her pitch competition held at Alloy 26!

The pitch competition was organized by the Invest In Her team, a group of strong women who created the program as part of the Pittsburgh Coro Women in Leadership program. They saw a gap that they wanted to fill, and that was helping women entrepreneurs develop their startups by awarding them grant money.

This was only their second year running this competition, and 40 women entrepreneurs applied, 6 of whom then went on to the pitch competition, and 3 winners were awarded grants. I was so proud to have even made it to the top 6!

Being in the top 6 meant I needed a really awesome pitch. We had 3 minutes to sell a panel of judges on why our business had promise and viability.

In the weeks leading up to the competition Chris got to hear the evolution of my pitch, as with each coaching and mentoring session I had I was able to apply seasoned and priceless advice to tweak my message. However, my cats, Toby, Tyler and Lola, were the most loyal audience 🙂

After tons of practice and reassurance from Chris, the day of the competition came. I took the stage and asked people to remember that feeling of pride when you’ve just made something awesome. I talked about all of the personalized and pin-worth projects Pop Craft helps you make. And, I invited everyone to bring out that creative kid living inside of them, and try out a workshop.

It was a success, and Pop Craft took third, after two other amazing women and businesses! In second place was Tamiah Bridgett of Diversame, Inc., and first place, Courtney Williamson of AbiliLife.

The experience challenged me to better explain why I’ve started Pop Craft and helped me to think about how I want to grow. I’ll be using my grant money to help Pop Craft keep growing, and help more of you be crafty more often!

Thank you to all of my coaches, Chris, my family and friends, and above all, all of the Pop Crafter’s out there!  For without you guys, there would be nothing for me to pitch.  Craft on!

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Artist, Crafter, Entrepreneur

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