Kick-start Your Creativity

Your creativity is like a muscle, you must exercise it to keep it strong and able. Maybe it’s been a while since you let your self doodle, or maybe you painted a mural last weekend. Whatever the case, the more you create, the stronger your creativity will grow.


Credit: Illustration Friday
Credit: Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday

There are different resources to help you stimulate those creative brain cells. Illustration Friday provides a weekly art challenge, giving you a new topic to illustrate each Friday.


Random Word Doodle

If an art challenge feels like making a platform dive into the creative pool, then the Random Word Doodle is like dipping your toe in. The great thing about Random Word Doodle is that it is specific, you have 10 words to pick from, choose one, and spend 15 minutes doodling (in pen is preferred, to help you embrace mistakes).


Creative Dice

A few months ago I got the urge to make my own method for spurring creativity. The product was a set of three dice that specify your medium, canvas, and subject. I like the random combinations of materials used to bring the subject to life, like colored pencil-fabric-nature, or paint-stone-people.



Practice isn’t perfect

When you’re getting your creative groove back, every doodle won’t be a masterpiece. There will be duds, some that you’re not proud of, some that are just weird. But without working through it, you’ll never make the gems. Everything you make doesn’t need to be perfect, the point is you’re practicing creativity.

Welcome mistakes

When I was in first grade, I had an art teacher who taught me that there are no mistakes in art. I still abide by that rule, and take mistakes as part of the process. They can be happy accidents, add character, or just give your mind an extra nudge to think outside of the box. Welcome mistakes, and make them work for you.

Push your brain

The first time you run a mile, or swing a kettle bell, it’s not easy. The same thing goes with strengthening your creativity. Your brain is learning (re-learning, really), how to think in different ways. Push through the resistance, add a little more, try something you’re not sure will work. There is no consequence for failing at a doodle, when else in life do you have that luxury?


Are you hungry to get those creative brain cells working? Pick your method, or try out the creative dice with me. I’ll be snapping my creations, and posting a roll of the dice on Pop Craft’s social media accounts. Work on one die or all three, and share your creativity with me with tag #popcreative

Go forth and get your creativity on!

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