7 Places to get Inspired in Pittsburgh

Yes, inspiration is technically everywhere. But, I find some places get the creative juices flowing a bit more than others. These are some of my personal picks that I have found inspiration from in the past, maybe they are worth exploring the next time you’re in search of new ideas, without drowning in the sea of Pinterest.

photo credit: The Andy Warhol Museum

1. A place to remember, you gotta start somewhere

Early Work Gallery, Warhol Museum

All great artists start somewhere. See what Andy was up to way before he silk screened Marilyn, and get inspired knowing that today’s work is part of growing into your future.

photo credit: Heinz History Center

2. Get a fresh look at objects of the past

Special Collections Gallery, Heinz History Center

You’ll become engulfed in the variety of cultures that made Pittsburgh their home as you look over thousands of items saved from the sands of time. Get inspiration from vintage design, old-school quality craftsmanship, and handmade items.

photo credit: Karen Blaha from Charlottesville, VA

3. Learn how different cultures learn

Nationality Rooms, Cathedral of Learning

Ah, the inspiration of travel. The next best thing to visiting 29 different countries is touring the Nationality Rooms. As if the Cathedral of Learning’s striking Gothic architecture isn’t inspiration enough, delve inside to experience what a classroom is like in nearly thirty cultures. Guaranteed to be more inspiring than your old high school study hall.


4. Feel like you can conquer the world, or at least the Burgh

Grandview overlook, Mount Washington

Yes, it’s a pretty skyline. But the best part is how the view feels. Looking down upon a beautiful city is electrifying. Go for a stroll down Grandview Ave and get a spark.

photo credit: Visit Pittsburgh

5. People of all walks, walking

People watching, South Side/Lawrenceville

It’s not surprising that people inspire people. Try out one of my favorite past times at a local cafe in a neighborhood full of characters. Chances of seeing something interesting walking down the street are highest in South Side and Lawrenceville, but many other Pittsburgh neighborhoods will fit the bill.

Black Forge

6. A reminder that you should “do you”

Black Forge Coffee House, Allentown

Thrash metal on the speakers, animal skull on the cash register, oh, and coffee of course. Black Forge made their own path, and the result is amaze-balls. Inspiration is waiting as you peruse the walls covered in local art, catch a band’s performance, get your synapses firing on caffeine, and above all – remember to do your own thing.

photo credit: Bar Marco

7. Sip on some creativity juice

Bar Marco, Strip District

Alcohol as a help or a hindrance is debatable, but in just the right amount it can make you more creative. Why not get yours where crafty bartenders are eager to make you a delicious drink based on your preferences. The beginnings of many ideas have been born at bar stool here.

Where are the places that you get inspired in Pittsburgh?

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2 thoughts on “7 Places to get Inspired in Pittsburgh

  1. I’ll have to check out some of these spots! My favorite places to get inspired are Phipps conservatory, the children’s museum, and hiking in one of the many parks around town.


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