Seed Bomb Bouquets

Mother’s day is right around the corner, which not only is the time to celebrate mom, but also the unofficial green-light for planting flowers. As the likely-hood of frost wains, it’s time to get gardening. This tutorial will give you a fun and mega-cute way to sow wildflower seeds. We are going to create a mini bouquet that will hold seeds inside. When you’re ready to add wildflowers to the world, open it and let the seeds fly!


  • Card stock paper
  • Washi tape
  • Tissue paper
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Wild flower seeds


Cones of Dunshire

First off, you’re going to make some paper cones using your card stock and washi tape. I’ve made enough to start my own Cones of Dunshire game, but you can make as many or as few as you wish. To make the cones, cut the card stock into 3 inch squares. Trim off one corner so that it is rounded in a curve. Then roll the cone shape so the curve becomes the opening of the cone, leaving a very small hole at the cone peak. Secure it’s shape with a piece of washi tape.

Flower Power

Next you will make the blooms for your bouquet. There will be one flower per cone. Take some tissue paper, and cut it into 2 inch squares so you have 8 squares. Stack the tissue squares and then and accordion fold them. Cut a length of floral wire that is about an inch longer than your cone. Tightly twist one end of the wire around the center of your folded tissue paper.

Make the flower bloom by peeling up each layer of tissue towards the center of the flower. Each petal will crinkle and fill out the flower. Work with some patience and a gentle hand so you don’t tear the tissue. Once all of the layers have been fluffed up, you have a flower!

Fill and Cap

Now it is time to add the seeds to your cones. One way to do this is to pour in a small amount of wildflower seeds into an empty cone, and then tilt it so you can poke the flower’s wire stem through the bottom of the cone. If you have enough length in your stem, you can feed it through the bottom of the cone first, and then add seeds. Either way gets you to the same place, but adding the stem first was a bit easier for me. Pull the stem down through the bottom of the cone so the flower is tightly seated and no seeds can escape. Then, wrap the end of the wire around the tip of the cone to secure the flower into place.

Set the seeds free!

When it’s time to add some flowers to the world, simply unwrap the wire, remove the flower, and fling the seeds from the cone as you holler “flowers be free!” (yelling optional). One note, do not throw your cone or flower with the seeds, either reuse them or properly dispose of them to keep mother nature beautiful.

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