9 Useful Crafting Cheat Sheets

Craft with confidence with these handy cheat sheets!  See these nine tips and many more on our Crafting Cheat Sheets board on Pinterest.

1. Watercolor Resist Techniques

Watercolor is on-trend and this chart shows you many different options to get the effect of white space with a wash of watercolor dreaminess all around.  Read more here.


2. Mod Podge Finishes

So many mod podge options, so little time.  Use this guide to make sure you get the right look on the first try.  Read more here.


3. Picking Color Combinations

Unsure of your color combos?  This handy graphic will steer you in the right direction.  Read more here.


4. How do colors make you feel?

Double check the emotions that colors evoke when you’re making color decisions for things like branding or painting rooms.  Read more about color psychology (yep, it’s a thing) here.


5. What sticks to what

Get the right glue for your project by material and permanency.  Read more here.


6. Fabric 101

Different types of fabrics, explained, in a way that I may finally remember.  Read more here.


7. Hand Lettering Pens

Have you started your hand lettering hobby yet?  Now that you know which pens to buy, what are you waiting for?  Read more here.


8. How to choose yarn

Demystify the yarn aisle at the craft store, and pick yarn that is appropriate for your project. Read more here.


9. Mixing Pantone Food Coloring

You’re about to take Easter egg dying to the next level with these Pantone shades.  Don’t get stuck on just eggs, these blends can be used for coloring icings, bath bombs, or anything you can dye with food coloring.  Read more here. 


Want more?  Follow our Crafting Cheat Sheets board on Pinterest!

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