Modern Painted Pillow DIY

Pillows are a quick and fun way to update a room.  Here you will learn how to paint a pillow case with a sleek silver geometric pattern.  It takes only a few supplies to complete this DIY.  The result is clean and modern enough to kick up your decor.  Just follow these easy steps to create your own painted throw pillow.

Now that my husband and I have completed most of the major renovations in our house, I can start paying attention to the little details.  Translation = I’m tweaking my decor to keep it up to date (It’s been a few years and not a lot has changed).  In this DIY I’m making just one pillow, but it is progress none the less!


  • Pillow case (buy one to fit your throw pillow or sew one yourself)
  • Pillow form
  • Acrylic paint
  • Fabric medium
  • Painters tape
  • Paint brush
  • Small mixing container (for paint and fabric medium)

Prepping the Pillow Case

I had sewn a few envelope style pillow cases out of white duck canvas a few months back.  I had a blank one, and this is what I used for my pillow case.  You can make a simple pillow case like this, or buy one at your local fabric store.  Just make sure it fits the pillow form you will insert into it.

Wash and dry your pillowcase before starting the project, and iron it so you have a nice smooth fabric to work with.

Add painters tape to cover the pillow in the pattern you would like to paint.  The area you will paint should be uncovered and the area that you do not want to paint is masked by the tape.  My pattern is a series of angled lines, intersecting with one another.  I eyed up the thickness to make it uniform (you could measure it out if you want to be exact), and tapped off my lines.  Where the lines intersected I went back with a craft knife and removed any overlaps of tape where my lines should run.

Where the tape met the edge of the pillow case I wrapped the edge around so it continued to the opposite side.  Then I connected my line pattern onto the back side, creating a nice uninterrupted pattern from front to back.

Painting the Pillow

First prepare your paint by mixing it with your fabric medium.  Follow the instructions on your fabric medium to achieve the proper paint to fabric medium ratio.  My ratio was 1:1 paint to medium.

Before painting, insert a divider into the pillow case to prevent any bleed through of paint to the opposite side of the pillow.  I used newspaper in this project, but you can also use plastic sheeting or a flattened plastic bag.

Now it’s time to paint!  I followed the tape lines as guides as I painted, and I made an effort to stay between the strips of tape.  Since this tape is on fabric, there’s a chance for the paint to bleed underneath.  Therefore, it’s best to use just enough paint, and not an excess amount that could sneak into places where it shouldn’t be.

On my pillow case I painted the inside flap of my envelope, instead of just stopping where top flap meets the inside flap.  This is because when you insert your pillow form, some of this will become exposed.  I went all the way to the end of the inside fabric following the same pattern as the panel on top, to make sure my pattern would look continuous.

Finishing Up

After all of your painting is complete, peel off the tape.  Inspect your work, and touch up any line edges that need to be made more crisp.  Remove the inner barrier and hang it up to dry for 24 hours.  After 24 hours you can wash and dry the pillow case to permanently set the paint, according to the instructions on your fabric medium.

Now you have a modern pillow!  Can you picture this in your home?




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