Best Drink Pairings for Making Art

Whether you’ve taken a Pop Craft workshop with us at a bar, or are just enhancing your at home crafting experience, the right beverage can be key to getting you through a project. After painstaking experimentation, I am proud to share my thorough research with you. Here are some of the best drink pairings for making art.

Screen Printing and Spiked Lemonade

Screen Printing and Spiked Lemonade

Screen printing can take concentration and a bit of effort, but the elation of seeing your print come to life is uplifting. A fresh beverage with a kick of sugar is the perfect companion. It’ll taste even sweeter when you’re finished.

Painting and Hard Cider

Painting and Hard Cider

A drink that goes down easy but doesn’t give you double vision is as vital as a paint brush when it comes to painting your next masterpiece. A hard cider, apple, pumpkin or pineapple, will loosen up your wrist just the right amount.

Gold Leafing and Malbec

Gold Leafing and Malbec

The romance of adding gold to anything is heady, and it calls for a drink that’s just as rich. Malbec has got your number. Be warned, you may pick up a gold leafing and Malbec habit.

Sewing and Irish Coffee

Sewing and Irish Coffee

Sewing projects are not always the quickest to complete. Take the edge off while keeping your foot fast on the pedal to power through every stitch.

Knitting and Grog

Knitting and Hot Apple Grog

Fuzzy yarn, soft textures, chunky wool – the idea of knitting gets me all warm and cozy inside. Get ready to feel extra snuggly after a cup of sweet, cinnamon-y, Hot Apple Grog.

Concrete Casting and Beer

Concrete Casting and Beer

Concrete is unequivocally industrial, and the same can be said about beer. The more common place the better in my opinion, but if your taste is more refined go ahead an indulge in a craft beer. Call it exercising your artistic freedom.

Book Binding and Martinis

Book Binding and Dry Martinis

Although Hemingway claims to have not drank while he wrote, he certainly had his fair share of dry martinis in his off hours.  Bind your book and channel Hemmingway.  You’ll be inspired with a story by the time your journal is ready for writing.

What is your favorite craft and beverage pairing?

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