11 Tips for Crafting with Cats

Cats are loveable furry companions, with a penchant for wanting your attention at the most inopportune moment.  Getting crafty with feline friends in your abode can be challenging.  I should know, I’m living with three professional craft interrupters, Toby, Tyler and Lola.  Here are some tips for working on crafts with cats around.

Screen Printing with Toby

1. Set Limits

Make sure your cat knows that he or she isn’t allowed on the craft table while you are working.  A firm “No,” or a squirt with a water bottle can work wonders.

Making Origami with Lola

2. Slight of hand

Wait, your cat didn’t listen to you in tip 1?  It was wishful thinking.  Your cat can’t help but be interested in what it is that you’re interested in.  So when they sit on your sketch pad, start fiddling with another stack of papers within reach.  And watch your cat move to investigate this new interesting thing.

Lola napping

3. Cat naps

Do your cats have a typical time of day when they nap?  Mine are dead to the world between 1 – 3.  Try getting artistic while they’re catching some z’s.

Looking out the window

4. Sunlight and Windows

The napping thing sounded too good to be true didn’t it?  If they find you more interesting than a delightful nap, try to entice them by opening a window, or the curtains so they have something to watch while they soak up some sun.  Cats love sun.

Toby is so helpful

5. Make them a Seat

Cats like to walk on things like paper and plastic bags, and then sit right on them.  Put some papers or a bag on the floor, watch it attract your cat like a magnet.

Tyler in a box

6. Boxes

If they didn’t take the bait on number 5, time to pull out the big guns.  Cardboard box.  Set it against a wall in a main traffic area.  Your cat won’t be able to resist the power of the cardboard box.

Cat food jackpot

7. Answer their requests

Did your cat just drop his favorite toy at your feet?  Go ahead and throw it for him.  Is your cat giving you that desperate ‘I’m hungry’ meow?  Make sure their food is topped off.  Taking a few seconds to keep your cat happy will get them off your back, at least temporarily.

Toby getting pet

8. Break for petting

Everyone needs a break now and then.  Why not shower your kitty with some love and affection while your glue is setting?  Their purr will be thank you enough, and they’ll probably move on before you’re ready to return to your project.

9. Vigilance

Have a palette full of wet paint?  Engage your peripheral vision and keep track of your cats location.  Or you’ll have a cat with a green tail, and subsequently random green paint throughout your house.  True story.

Tyler with a blue paw

10. Safe zones for drying

You just finished a masterpiece, a wet, painty, masterpiece.  Keep it out of reach from your cat, or they may get in on the artwork.  An easel is a safe bet, or just put your work in a room where you can close the door.

Crafting with Tyler

11. Accept defeat

You can’t win ’em all.  Pick your battles, and learn how to craft with a cat sitting on you.

How do you craft with furry friends around?

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2 thoughts on “11 Tips for Crafting with Cats

  1. That is so true about cats. Your cats are adorable. I have two cats and I have tried some of your tricks with them. One of my cats loves boxes so that always works for her and my other cat loves to eat so treats do the trick for her. I enjoyed reading your post, thank you 🙂

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