8 Reasons why Summer is the Best Time for Crafting

Summer time, and the livin is easy.  What better time than now to get creative?  Here are eight reasons why you need to make the most of your summer crafting time.

Wood Cross Cut

1. Foraging

Summer time weather is perfect for taking a stroll through the woods or garden, where you will come across materials that you can utilize in craft projects.  Lately, I’ve been collecting flower petals for pressing and drying that I’ll use when making handmade paper.  Now is also a great time to put on your hiking boots and drag a branch or two out of the woods.  Introduce it to your new friend the Miter Saw, and make a bunch of branch cross sections or discs.  Make them into tags or save them for the holidays for ornaments.  You just saved a lotta cash by not buying the pre-cut version at Michaels.


2. Wander

While you’re scouring the forest or your local park trail for wildflowers and tree limbs, take this time to wander mentally and physically.  Take a path you’ve never walked, or just look at things differently.  You will find inspiration in the everyday things that you usually take for granted.

Enjoy every moment of daylight

3. Long Days

It’s light out for longer in the evenings.  Take advantage of this time and finish a project that requires some outdoor work.  Think, spray painting that end table that’s been on your to-do list for the past 2 years.  Seize the daylight.

Sun Printing

4. Sun Power

There are some great things you can craft with the help of the sun.  I use the sun to burn screens for screen printing.  And don’t forget about sun printing – the process of transferring an image onto fabric by using a special light reactive dye.  Keep it simple and use interesting leaves to make nature silhouette prints.

Tie Dye is so Summer

5. Tie-dye

Summer and tie-dye go together like glitter and glue.  I mean, are you really going to tie-dye anything once the leaves change?  Tie-dye is back, and better than the spiral rainbow grateful dead shirt you sported in high school.  You can listen to the Dead while you dye, but try out some more on trend styles like these.

Stress free crafting

6. It’s NOT the holidays

Crafting a new centerpiece for family holiday dinner is lovely, but don’t limit your creative outlets to just the major holiday occasions.  Make something just for the sake of making it.  Crafting without stress is the formula for happy accidents and cherished treasures.

7. And, it’s NOT freezing outside

Why is the temperature important to crafting?  How likely are you to run out to the craft store to pick up that one color of chalk paint you need when it’s a negative 10 degree wind chill.  Mm hmm, that’s what we thought.  Get out and do it now, before you make excuses not to.

Pop Craft - Sand collection

8. Create happy memories

It might just be me, but I love summer and want to enjoy it all year round.  I live in Pennsylvania, so until I move to the Caribbean to live on my (future) boat, improvisation is necessary.  Make a project that contains a happy memory that reminds you of summer.  I’ve made a sand collection – it is just what it sounds like, a collection of sand – that I display in jars on a vertical wooden board.  Any time I need a reminder of warmer weather, I pull out a few jars and reminisce about the beach from where I collected it.

Which of these reasons to craft will you take advantage of this summer?

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