Make a Mini Vivarium Path

Take a simple item like bits of slate pieces, reclaimed from a past life where they served as a weather repellent roof on a home in Western Pennsylvania. Although they are smaller, and retired from their original post, they’ve taken on new life in the most lively of all places, a Vivarium.

Pop Craft Exchange, my Etsy shop, has a variety of listings that feature reclaimed slates. They range from 1″ pieces all to full size tiles that have been converted into chalkboards. I’m always interested to know what my customers will do with their purchase. When people share their ideas and pictures with me it is always a treat.

This case was no different. Lish contacted me with a very specific vision for the small slate pieces she saw in my shop. Her beautiful vivarium could use a new miniature pathway that ambled from the pool to the back limit of the green space. She shared with me a before look, as well as some inspiration photos. I knew the slates I had would work perfect for her.

Since receiving them she’s installed the flag stone pattern walk. The natural stone is a perfect compliment to the luscious environment. The thoughtfully laid out composition of the vivarium is competition ready. Wish Lish luck as she has just entered her one of a kind ecosystem into a national contest.

Crested Gecko - future vivarium resident

If you are wondering what creature will be lucky enough to call this their lush living room, Lish has plans to adopt a Crested Gecko.  After giving the vivarium a few months to “cycle,” for all the microfauna (bugs & stuff, vivarium clean-up crew so to speak) to get into proportions, it will be ready for habitation.  Imagine this adorable face peering at you from it’s own slate walking path!

All vivarium photos are courtesy of Lish Daelnar.


Lish had sent me some pictures of a SECOND vivarium she made, also with a cute slate path.  I’ve had these for a while, and I’m posting them here now so you can see the lovely work she’s completed.

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