DIY Woven Paper Bookmark

A cute bookmark can be like a best friend, sticking with you through some of your favorite reads.  These mini paper weaving bookmarks are unique and easy to make.

At Pop Craft I like to give workshop goers a small giveaway to show them my appreciation for their business.  Inspired by the paper weaving project we made for the Etsy Craft Party, I created scaled down versions into bookmarks.

Cut your paper

To make these pretty page holders, cut a piece of card stock to your desired bookmark size.  Mine were 5 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches.  This size allowed me to get 10 per sheet of letter sized card stock.  I printed the Pop Craft logo on one side, but you could print a photo or inspirational phrase on yours.

Using a craft knife and ruler, cut diagonal lines into the bookmark every half inch, while leaving a margin of about 1/4 inch uncut around all edges.  I used a cutting mat to make sure all of the angled cuts were parallel and evenly spaced.  Alternatively, you can make 1/2 inch hash marks with a pencil down all sides and use those as guides when cutting.

Using a paper that contrasts from your bookmark base, cut strips of equal height to the bookmark.  I used a gold foil paper and mine were about 3/8 inch wide.  You will need to adjust you sizing to fit three strips across into the cut openings if you go with a larger or smaller width.


Now fun part that totally transforms your bookmark, weaving!  Take two strips of paper and stack them.  Begin to weave these papers over and under each cut in your bookmark, keeping them stacked together as you go.  When they’re fully incorporated, separate the two strips to the opposite sides of the bookmark.  Weaving these  together saves a bit of time, which becomes super important when you’re making 50 of these at 11:37 at night.  Beer helps too 🙂

Take your third strip of paper and weave it in the center of the two existing pieces, using an under over pattern opposite of them.  Once all pieces are in place, align them squarely with the top and bottom edges of the bookmark.

To finish, I added a piece of colored tape to both ends.  This will secure the paper strips so they don’t come loose.  With so many cute washi tapes out there, you can find a pattern or color to compliment your project.  If you prefer to not use tape, simply add glue under the loose ends and adhere them to the bookmark base.

These were a perfect giveaway for the Etsy Craft Party.  You can see the Pop Craft giveaways from previous months on our Pinterest board.  Who would appreciate receiving a handmade bookmark from you?


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