The Etsy Craft Party!

On Saturday June 6th, creative cool kids of Pittsburgh came together to celebrate the Global Etsy Craft Party.  The Etsy Craft Party is a celebration of meeting and making that brings together Etsy fans and sellers to create a craft at the same time as others just like them in craft parties held around the world.  At the Pittsburgh party, we showcased amazing local Etsy sellers and welcomed many additional sellers and fans who crafted with us.

We Couldn’t Have Crafted With Out These Folks

We met at TechShop Pittsburgh, who were gracious sponsors and donated the space for the party.  It was a perfect location, buzzing with makers.  Julie and Amanda helped us get the room set up just right for the creativity that was about to ensue.  Party goers had the chance to take a tour of TechShop to see all of the awesome tools and technology they have to offer.

For our craft project, we created paper weavings that combined two photos in a mesh of angular interest.  The paper supplies were donated by the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse and I coordinated their collection with the help of Ashley.  Their bulk section proved to be a treasure trove of interesting papers, providing us with posters, pictures, art work, old calendars, sheet music, vintage wall paper samples, and so much more.

We powered through the paper weaving process at full steam with the liquid fuel donated by Coffee Tree Roasters.  Bill and Keisho were easy to work with.  Their coffee was delicious as ever, and greatly appreciated by all of the crafters.

Pop Craft was the adhesive bringing everything together, literally, we brought the Elmers :).  With Glue, tape, scissors and planning, Pop Craft brought the Etsy Craft Party to Pittsburgh.

The Best Etsy Sellers in the Burgh

We couldn’t have an Etsy Craft Party with out featuring some of the greatest Etsians in Pittsburgh!  We were honored to have seven amazing shops represented, who displayed their wares and gave a personal introduction of their shop to local customers.

I knew we had a great group of sellers when the delightful aroma of lavender and eucalyptus wafted from the display next to mine.  Supernatural Soap was the culprit, and if you get a chance to meet Rachel, pick up one of her organic soaps to freshen your bath.

Jessica of the Bird + the Beard brought her cute and clever stationary that everyone geeked out for.  With a careful concoction of elements she creates the perfect greeting card with messages spelled from the blocks of the periodic table.  Give one to your bff who loves the Big Bang Theory.

Re-stArtistry is all about giving new life and hope to objects.  Lori translates the passion of her career as a life coach to repurposing reclaimed doors into chalkboards, headboards, and other creative creations.

Avaricia’s and the Vintage Paper Party are your source for vintage supplies such as colorful millinery flowers, metallic foil leaves, and tons of new old stock and rocking retro finds.  Valerie has a great eye for vintage and the creative possibilities for her items are endless.

At North Ave Candles, Amanda pours her candles into jelly jars in beautiful layered designs.  They’re finished off with pretty labels and creative lid toppers.  These candles are more than just good looks, they smell great, too.

Hip Modern Soap brought their best scents to the party.  Their soaps are bright and colorful, and their fragrances will lift your spirits just like their fun appearance.  Be sure to sniff out their celery soap, it’s a burst of freshness hidden in an unassuming name.

Pop Craft featured a unique mix of hand made items.  I showcased our most popular seller, slate chalkboards made from reclaimed roofing slates collected from homes and barns in Western Pennsylvania.  Nostalgic items like my vintage photos that have been transferred onto wood or my gold painted Lego magnets are also easy to fall in love with.

Amanda, a Dream Consultant at TechShop pulled out all the stops for a last minute debut of her shop, LuvBotDesign, that features laser cut jewelry created with the machinery available in TechShop.  She uses the Trotec laser cutter and engraver to shape wood and metal into the beautiful jewelry and wall hangings.

A Day Woven with Fun

I was super impressed by the creative combinations used in the paper weavings.  We had bridges of Pittsburgh woven with retro star burst patterns.  Parrots poked their heads through the wraps and wefts of a cheery design.  Physics was redefined as the periodic table took on a new order.  Inspirational phrases were intertwined with beautiful landscapes.  A boat sailed across the horizon at sunset, or was it day time, in a woven optical illusion.

Crafters and Etsy sellers connected.  We learned about the resources at TechShop that can be used to create endless possibilities of maker dreams.  People found their new source for craft supplies with a preview of the Center for Creative Reuse’s offerings.  We were reminded of how great superb coffee can taste.  We learned the ins and outs of paper weaving and produced unique works of art.  We met and we made.

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