How to achieve Mythological Beauty

Inspired by a fun party theme that a lovely group of ladies told me about, a crown of golden leaves is fitting for anyone wanting to add a touch of mythological royalty to their day. This Goddess crown and accompanying Athenian barrettes were festive giveaways for a bachelorette party Pop Craft hosted.

Goddess Crown

This ethereal goddess crown can be accomplished with a trip to the craft store and a pair of wire cutters.  First, make the frame of your crown from aluminum floral wire.  It is thick enough to act as a good base for securing the leaves, but also easy to work with and lightweight so you won’t mind wearing it.  Twist one end around the other to close the loop where you want the crown to sit.

Determine how many leaves you will need to cover the entire crown frame.  I used plastic artificial greenery I found at Pat Catans.  I popped off the little branches from the bigger stem that they came on, and arranged them around the crown slightly overlapping each other.  I used 7 branches that were about 4 inches long.

With a foam brush, paint the fronts and backs of the leaves.  This paint is Royal Gold and has a yellow/coppery undertone that matches the wire base.  I only used one coat since the raw leaves had a yellowish tint any missed spots weren’t noticeable, but two coats would give you better coverage.

Starting at the back of the crown, wrap the branches onto the frame with a thinner gold floral wire.  As a convenient coincidence, the branches each had a hole in the end where they connected to the larger stem.  I threaded the wire through these holes to secure them to my frame more sturdily.  If there are any sharp wire ends, tuck them away so they won’t get tangled in hair or scratch your head.

Admire your handiwork and crown yourself goddess for the day!  The bachelorette enjoyed sporting it for her party.

Athenian Barrettes

The rest of the brides entourage needed some accessories, so I made matching barrettes using bobby pins and singular floral leaves.

These leaves are fabric with a wire stem and are called rose leaves.  You can buy them in packs of 12 or as a gross.  Paint both sides and the stems gold.  Once dry, arrange them in groups of threes with the leaves overlapping end to end.  Twist the wire ends together and bend at an angle at the base of the front leaf.

Open up the bobby pin with your finger, and place a small piece of electrical tape on the inner side of the flat part of the bobby pin.  Take the stem of your leaves close to the bend and wrap the electrical tape around it.  Cut off the excess wire stem with wire cutters.  Then gently tug the leaves so the wire ends are just inside of the tape so no sharp edges are sticking out.  Bend your leaves against the bobby pin and arrange them as needed.

The crown and barrettes are cute and classy alternatives to traditional bachelorette garb. They would be perfect for toga parties, or anytime you want to feel like a goddess!

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