Crafty Fun Screen Printing Night

Screen Printing Class

What a way to kick off Pop Craft with an amazing turn out – from the beautiful prints to the sold out class.  Two nights ago our Screen Printing class was held at the BeerHive in Pittsburgh’s eclectic Strip District.  The venue was absolutely stunning, as we were welcomed as the firsts guests to enjoy the new bar that was just installed in their freshly renovated upstairs area.

Kicking Off the Crafts

The group warmed up with a beverage as they settled in and picked out their designs.  Craft beers and craft knives in hand, they tested their stencil cutting skills.  Soon cutting mats were traded in for screens and squeegees.

Wine and Ink

A quick demo, a few test runs and a glass of wine or two and people were ready to put their permanent mark on their tote bag.  Many made the most of the night by bringing their own t-shirt and sending in custom patterns that were printed and there when they arrived.

Fun in the Making

Each print was unique, from the placement of the design on the tote, the ink color, and the character left from the screen printing process.  Creative energy and fun fueled the making of each one-of-a-kind creation.  Our unconventional craft night produced amazing screen prints and cheek to cheek smiles.

To see more pics from the night visit the Pop Craft Facebook page.  I can’t wait for the next craft party class!  Check our Calendar to get your spot today.

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