Essential Upgrades for Your Notebook

Notebook DIY Upgrades

A good notebook is your best friend when it comes to staying organized and keeping your thoughts in one place.  I absolutely love this one that my friend Amber gave me for Christmas.  It is the perfect collection point for all of my crafty ideas and business notes.  I added a couple extra features to make it as functional as it is cute, and I think I made it cuter too, if that’s even possible.

Ridiculously Easy Pocket

This notebook did not come with a pocket, which should be a requirement for all notebooks (and pants).  But, it’s such a simple, quick fix to get the storage I need.

I got married last September and I saved a lot of the free sample envelopes that wedding stationary companies will send to you when you’re shopping for invites.  They are good quality, usually have pretty linings and are made of fancy paper.  I picked the largest envelope that would fit on the inside cover.

I used four glue dots to secure the corners and was done in literally seconds.  If you don’t have glue dots, they’re the type of thing that you can live without, but why would you want to.  Just stick one on to get quick adhesion to anything made of paper, no waiting for glue to dry.

Stamped Bookmark Charm

I got a bit craftier for the next part.  I wanted to add a permanent bookmark to the notebook.  Since this is for my business, I wanted something to have my business’s name on it.  I did this by stamping Pop Craft onto a brass tag that will be a charm on the end of my bookmark.  Of course you don’t need to stamp a tag just to make a bookmark.  Any cute charm, tassel, feather, or even just leave the ribbon without an accessory, will all get the job done.

Using masking tape to secure the brass blank to my bench block, and also to align the text, I stamped out my letters.  I used a black marker to fill in the text to make it pop.  Punch a quick hole in it, shine it up with a polishing cloth and you have a shiny, pretty tag – the perfect compliment to the gold edged pages of my notebook.

Attaching the Bookmark

For the bookmark I used some skinny blue ribbon.  I prefer to use a narrow ribbon like this for bookmarks, it settles into books more easily than a wider ribbon.  A wider ribbon can give a nice pop of color to accent your notebook or journal, so use what best suits your need.

After putting a jump ring on my Pop Craft tag, I threaded the ribbon through it and painted on rubber cement to the very end and to where the ribbon would fold over onto itself.

The strongest bond you can get when using rubber cement is to put some on both of the surfaces you’re gluing, let it dry until it’s tacky, attach them together and then burnish them.  Since this bookmark will get heavy use, that’s what I did.

I repeated this for the other end of the ribbon, and the inside edge of the back cover where I attached it.  I used a bone folder to burnish these together, holla.

Essential and Easy Notebook Upgrade

This was my favorite notebook before, and now that I’ve given it a few personal touches I love it even more.  These super simple ideas are just the start to upgrading your writing pad.  Go for customized covers, pen storage, even personalize the pages with stamps.

What type of upgrades are you going to use on your notebook?

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