DIY Valentines Day Card with a Library Book Card

This loveable literary inspired Valentine’s day card is perfect for any bibliophile.  I whipped this up today, it was simple to make and it has just enough flare with out overdoing it for my hubby.  Try to DIY this Valentine yourself!

Library Book Card
Lucky in Love

On a trip to the Center for Creative Reuse, I came across a lucky find – blank book cards.  These are the little cards that libraries use to check out books.  They remind me of my elementary school library, book reports, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, A Wrinkle In Time, and an old book on origami (which I believe I must have been the only student at Ben Franklin Elementary to have ever checked out).  It was love at first sight, and as soon as I laid my eyes on them them I knew their destiny – to be made into a whimsical yet heartfelt valentine’s day card.

Crafted with Love

To make the card I trimmed down a piece of natural card stock, scored and folded it in half with my bone folder.  The heart on the front of the card serves as the pocket for the book card.  This required it to be a bit bigger than the face of the card.  You could fold the edges over or trim them, but I liked the overlap effect.  With a glue stick and the help of Tyler, I fixed the heart in place.  Inside the card I lined it with the remaining red card stock I used for the heart.

To dress up the card I had some silver paper and cut out little arrows, two for the front and one on the inside.  I ruffled up the tail ends to add a little texture.  With a delicate wipe of the glue stick, they went on the heart crossing in an X.  The inside arrow served as a text divider between my message to Chris and the Happy Valentine’s Day wish.  I finished the heart by drawing dashed “stitching” around the edge with a silver paint pen.

Loveable Details

This card is cute, then add a personalized book card and it is also clever.  In my version I’m the author (or the giver), the title is ‘My Heart’.  This top portion is visible as it sits in the pocket.  When you pull out the card you see the due date, ‘Never’, and the borrower, ‘Chris’.  I dolled it up with some hearts in true elementary school style.

On the inside in silver pen I went for a story themed message – “I can’t wait to write our story together.  I love you forever!”  This is our first Valentine’s day as a married couple, so we have a lot of “writing” to do as we live our married lives together.  I added ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and sealed it with a heart and my name.  On the very back I wrote the year, if you’re sentimental like me you’ll have this card for a while 🙂

Are you planning to DIY your valentine’s cards this year?

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