Screen Print Party

In preparation for the launch of Pop Craft classes, last night I held a screen print party with a few friends.  I was blown away with how beautiful everyone’s tote turned out.

The night started off with some wine and snacks, and then we got down to it (literally down in my basement 🙂 ).  Everyone picked their design and color and got to cutting.  Lindsey has the best knife skills and cut out her template the fastest and even helped Lisa and Erin with theirs.  Jen kept things straight as an arrow with a ruler.

Then it was time for inking.  After a quick demo everyone was rocking and rolling.

The prints came out amazing, each one with unique character, like Laura’s distressed anchor and Elisa’s faded feather.

We had a few overachievers, Leslie who pulled 4 prints on her tote bag made an awesome pop art inspired Polaroid.  Lisa and Erin combined two prints on their totes, Lisa was kind enough to let Erin borrow her “Oh hey”.

I can’t wait to host classes at the local bars and markets I’ve been working with.  The first classes will be starting at the end of Feb/beginning of March.  Keep tabs on the website and facebook for the announcement of the schedule so you can sign up to screen print as well!

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