DIY Notepad from Scraps

Happy new year!  The beginning of a new year usually means lists of resolutions, things to accomplish, or projects to complete.  In the spirit of list making, I’ve made a notepad from left over scraps of paper.  It is a super easy process, follow these steps to make a note pad for your new years lists.

For a separate project I’m making a Tea Journal, and it requires cutting pages down to size.  From that, I have a lot of scraps of paper, most of which are long and skinny.  While I probably wouldn’t use that as my go-to size for a note pad, it is actually perfect for jotting down lists and I can reduce my waste, win-win.

Using a paper trimmer I cut the pages in half to about 4.5″ long x 1″ wide.  Then I matched a leftover piece of binders board (heavy duty cardboard used for book covers) to the same dimensions to be used as the back of the notepad.  Any heavier weight cardboard would do the trick here, maybe reuse an old gift box left over from the holidays.

To prep the pad for binding all of the layers together, I secured them with a rubber band.  If your note pad is wider, binder clips can be used to hold the paper stack together instead of the rubber band.

On the top end of the note pad, I applied PVA glue and then used a paint brush to spread it into an even layer to cover every page and the back cover.  PVA glue is acid free, which makes it good for book binding because it will not damage paper over time.  However, you’re just making a notepad that doesn’t need to be preserved to be passed down to your great grand children, so Elmer’s white glue or even a glue stick would work in place of the PVA.  Let it dry completely.

I had already trimmed a left over piece of scrap booking paper to be the cover.  Then I trimmed a piece of pretty gold paper (also a scrap) to the same width as the note pad and length that is about three times the thickness of the paper stack.  This will be the binding strip on for the end of the notepad.

To connect everything, set the cover into place on top of your paper stack.  Paint glue onto one side of the binder paper and wrap it over the end of your note pad so it is overlapping on the front and back cover.  Put a clip over the top and push it snug against the top of the note pad so it helps the glue adhere.

Note pad

Once the glue is dry you’re ready to write down your list.  And the first thing you get to check off is making an awesome notepad by hand!

Is making a notepad on your list of things to make this year?

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