Cute Coin Envelopes

Normal envelopes, meh.  Shrink them to a fraction of their size, hello tiny baby envelope!

These little coin envelopes are made with simple stuff, and you can get the same result with just paper, scissors and a glue stick.


I’ve had DIY kits on my list of “things to make” for quite awhile, specifically DIY Journal Kits.  In the kit there will be a needle and thread for sewing together the signatures of your journal.  These delicate items need a home, what better place than an adorable coin envelope?  Stay posted for the release of these awesome kits on PopCraftExchange, but here’s a behind the scenes peek at small part of the kit.

Since I knew I wanted a coin envelope, I googled them and and found a great deal… on a box of 500.  While I may find a use for 500 little envelopes eventually, my needs are in the 10’s so I needed a different option.  And of course, that option was making them 🙂

I printed a page of nifty text to label the contents.  From an 8.5 x 11 page I got 4 envelopes.  The final dimensions of the envelopes are 2 x 3 inches.

Start by cutting your paper to 4.25 x 4.5 inches for each envelope.

Scoring is important as it will give your envelope clean lines and square corners, take your time on this step.  I used a bone folder, and as always, Tyler was there to help me.  If you are without a bone folder (shame on you), you can use the tip of a closed pair of scissors, or any stiff narrow object (like a corner of a credit card) to score the paper.

Score on the wrong side (inside) of your paper.  Score vertically at 1″ and 3″ from the left edge.  Score horizontally 1″ from the top and .5″ from the bottom.

Coin envelope, scored and cut

Cut out the corners by following your score lines.  To make it look a bit fancier you can taper the top and bottom flaps.

Coin envelopes

Fold the right and left flaps first, apply a bit of glue on edge of the longer flap.  Fold the short flap over and press shut.  Crease the bottom flap, then apply glue and press shut.  Crease your top flap down.  Enjoy the cuteness you have just created!

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