Wire Bud Vase

Today I bought a Christmas gift for Pop Craft, a roll of wire.  The idea of making a wire vase has been in my head since I saw this wire candle holder from Crate and Barrel.  I wanted to use the same aesthetic to make a bud vase for small origami flowers.  Today I made my first attempt.

My vision for the bud vase was to make a conical shape with a smaller opening at the top, and a larger base, and many vertical wires making the sides.  To size the openings as such, I rolled the wire around a wine cork for the mouth of the vase and around a larger piece of bamboo for the base.

Next came cutting the wires for the sides.  I cut 30 wires, all 6 inches long using heavy duty wire cutters (smaller cutters work but require more effort).  It is pretty important that the pieces are all the same length so when they are attached to the mouth and base they do not skew the vase out of alignment.

When I had all 30 pieces cut I bent one end of each into a hook using needle nose pliers.  This hook went over the wire circle that was for the vase mouth and then I squeezed it shut with the pliers.

I decided to wrap them around the mouth of the vase as it would be my constraint on how many pieces of wire I could use for the sides.  Repeating for each wire, I closed the hooks around the vase mouth.  The wires looked like a squid to me at the end of this step.

Remember the comment about making sure each wire is the same length?  Well, either from my bad cutting or from differences in the way I bent the hooks, my wires were not quite even.  I picked out the shortest pieces first, made the same hook shape at the end and closed each around the base circle.  As I found longer wires I just bent them around the base a bit further down so it would be even.

Wire Vase

The result isn’t perfect, but it is essentially what I had aimed for.  I think with either more practice bending the wire, or changing the method I use so it’s not so dependent on perfect bends and wire lengths, it will make for a more attractive final product.  I found a few with concrete bases that I may try next, and also more minimalist designs that were attractive.

Have you ever made a wire vase like this before, and how did it work out on your first try?

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