Un-clean Slate

Read this and the next time your bar trivia team gets a question about slate, you will be their savior.

Brush up on your slate expertise with these facts:

  1. Writing slates were originally used for schools and recording tabs in pubs.
  2. Slate doesn’t just come in grey, it can be found in colors like purple and green, and sometimes a mix of these colors.
  3. Slate is a layered (foliated) rock, the natural texture on the face of slate is from where its layers have been broken apart.
  4. Because of it’s extremely low water absorption, slate is virtually waterproof, making it a great roofing material.
  5. Turkey calls are made from slate, specifically the slate mined in Pennsylvania.  It almost perfectly imitates the calls of 4 different turkeys in the US.

In summary, slate is pretty cool stuff.  No wonder they’re so popular, slate chalkboards are my top sellers at Pop Craft Exchange.  Mine are all reclaimed roofing slates from Western Pennsylvania, and each are unique in color, texture and character.  Check out my slate items at Pop Craft Exchange.

Slate Chalkboard Slate Pieces Slate Coasters

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