Is this everyone’s favorite craft store?

Pat Catan’s does it right.  If I talk to people about Pat Catan’s, usually the words “I love” precede its name.  Pat Catan’s was the local craft store where I grew up until it was taken over by Michaels.  It was hard to put my finger on it (cough cough higher prices, cough) but it just wasn’t the same.  When I found my first Utrecht I was impressed, “this must be where the real artists shop.”  Amazon Prime found me a few good deals but at the cost of long nights searching.

So after a long vacation from my first craft store love, I’ve come back to Pat Catans.  Why stayed away for so long is a mystery to me.  But how I appreciate their selection of high quality art supplies, and how I love their low prices, I will not forsake them again.

Published by monnielee

Artist, Crafter, Entrepreneur

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