Circular saw, oh circular saw.  I’m so glad we have become friends.  Bone folder, you have some competition.  I love crafting, but my project ideas require an additional power tool every now and then.  If I had an entire shop I would be thrilled.  Speaking of which, I took a tour to TechShop Pittsburgh and I’m looking out for their black Friday specials on classes and memberships.

I am using the saw to cut wood into triangles that will become two dimensional Christmas trees.  I bought some reclaimed wood at Construction Junction and I think I’ll try to use it for this project.

If you’re not familiar with power tools, taking a class is a great way to make sure you are using them correctly and safely.  Read the manual, all of it, especially if it’s a tool that can potentially cut off a finger.  The time spent learning to use it is worth it to make something that not everyone has the tools to make, plus you’ll look badass in safety glasses.