Stamp Carving

I’ve been working on a holiday wrapping paper design to package my Etsy sales.  I started with screen printing and I’ve decided it’s a bit over engineered for just wrapping paper.  My next attempt was rubber stamping.  Stamping was one of my first full blown craft hobbies.  I still have a box of stamps from my early childhood that has seen heavy use.  But I wanted to make my own unique design so my wrapping paper was truly one of a kind.

Inspired by my sketched and watercolored string of lights that is decorating the Pop Craft Etsy shop banner, I recreated the light string by carving it out of a block of rubber.  Then I rolled on a bit of ink and worked the lights into strings across the width of my wrapping paper.  After the ink dried I watercolored each light so it looks like they’re glowing.

Does this wrapping paper beat the screen printed version?  Yes.  Has it satisfied my wrapping paper dreams… not quite.  I might keep on the stamping route, but I see another attempt (or two) in my future.


Published by monnielee

Artist, Crafter, Entrepreneur

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