Meet my best friend, Bone Folder

When it comes to crafting, everyone knows the go-to standards – scissors, ruler, compass if you want to get fancy.  But let me introduce you to my favorite tool of all, the bone folder.  The first time I made a crease with one I felt like it was filling a hole that had been empty in my crafting repertoire since I checked out my first origami book at my elementary school library.

Bone folders are essentially flat sticks.  One end is pointed, the edges are tapered, they might be made out of plastic or actual bone (hence the name).  Mine is a Martha Stewart bone folder with a scorer at one end and the typical point at the other, and it’s plastic.

What is a bone folder used for?  More like, what isn’t it used for?  Scoring and folding thank you cards, folding origami, poking corners out in a pillow you’ve sewn, folding pages for a journal, a cat can bat it off a table, creasing gift wrap on a present, setting accordion folds in tissue for a paper flower… you get the idea.

Its beauty lies in its simplicity, and the perfectly crisp folds it leaves in even the thickest card stock.  Bone folder, I would be lost without you.

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Artist, Crafter, Entrepreneur

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