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This is Pop Craft

Hi, it’s Monica here.  I need to talk about Pop Craft. I’ve been doing Pop Craft for just under three years (one month from today will be numero tres).  Through that time, I’ve told people about Pop Craft when I meet them at an event, or through my...

Planetary Bunting DIY for an Outer Space Party

Last weekend we celebrated Chris’s birthday with a Cats In Space themed party. We both love cats (we have three), and I have alway giggled whenever I see the images of cats floating around in space eating pizza. So, it was an easy choice for a party theme. While...

6 Crafts for Mindfulness

You know that exercising your creativity has some superb benefits. I find when I get into my creative flow I am really aware of what I’m working on, less aware of my to-do list, and more susceptible to having other creative thoughts and ideas spring up....

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