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Pop Craft’s maker workshops make it easy to craft cool projects while making your night out fun. We bring the goods. You bring your friends and take home a project that’s handmade by you.

Gold Leaf Art at the Bigham Tavern

APR 24

Pop Art at Hough’s


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6 Crafts for Mindfulness

You know that exercising your creativity has some superb benefits. I find when I get into my creative flow I am really aware of what I’m working on, less aware of my to-do list, and more susceptible to having other creative thoughts and ideas spring up....

Easy DIY Concrete Bowl

Concrete is one of my favorite materials to get creative with. In this post, I’m giving you in-depth instructions on how to make a simple bowl. This is an easy starter project, and the process is transferable to other concrete projects you dream up. What...

Bullet Journal Check In – 3 months and counting

This year I started using a Bullet Journal for the first time.  I’ve been at it for three months and counting, so I thought this would be a great time to do a review of what I’m finding is working well, and some of the changes I’ve made along the...

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